The Olympics

The Rio Olympics are finally here! The Olympics are a chance for our country's best and brightest to compete against the rest of the world to see who's mettle, who's determination, who's skill, who's heart is the biggest for a chance at the gold. We're big fans of this incredible display of ability every four years, (we even designed an entire collection around it!) that we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite parts. We spoke with founder Megan Balch about her love of the Olympics, why they're so fun, and what we're looking forward to.

What do the Olympics mean to you?

The Olympics are a celebration of athletic achievement. Every time a new record is set, we as a species are propelled forward with a new standard and a new goal to chase. In that way I think it is also something amazing that we are able to pass on from Olympics to Olympics; a slightly higher jump, an extra twist, one less tenth of a second, one more medal.

It is also a break from politics (at least in theory) where countries come together in friendly competition and we are able to celebrate one another’s achievements. It’s a special break from the rest of the world’s problems.

What are your top 3 favorite sports to watch during the Olympics?

I will honestly watch anything that is being broadcast, specifically hours and hours of women's soccer. I also love watching gymnastics, swimming and the half pipe; but ice dancing and rhythmic gymnastics hold me in a trance.

Anyone you're excited to root for?

My favorite team is obviously USA. And though there is something magical about a 12-year-old being able to master a sport beyond any normal person’s ability, there is also something insanely inspiring about a top performing athletic that is able to return to sport four, eight, even sixteen years later and still be a world class contender. I am excited to see Michael Phelps take to the pool, and Gabby Douglas to the gymnastics arena. I am also excited to fall in love with a whole new set of American athletes.

When was the first moment you were exposed to the Olympics?

I remember being in a hotel with my family on our way to the visit my grandmother and I was sitting on the end of the bed watching ice-skating on TV. I asked my parents where this was happening and it was the first time the whole idea of the Olympics was explained to me. I was enthralled and I really upset that they made me leave the room to go for dinner.

Any words for our country men and women competing abroad?

Go Team USA! We're behind you, all the way! 


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