Friendship Day

Flagpole is made from offering quality products, quality experiences, and quality materials. For us, the cornerstone on which all of this is built is friendship. Flagpole founders Megan and Jaime have been friends for a very very long time, and with World Friendship Day upon us, we wanted to share a few of their thoughts on the friendship that has kept the engine at Flagpole running from the very beginning, because the world could use as much friendship as it can get these days.

"Essentially, we love each other and support each other unconditionally, and at 14-years-old, realized we would make wonderful business partners. Flagpole exists because of our friendship and our desire to always to be connected to one another. Neither one of us could have made Flagpole alone, we often joke that it is our love child."
—Megan Balch.

"I think the best business partner is never sought out but rather someone that can finish your sentences and know what you're thinking before you say it. We obviously don't agree on everything, but disagreements force you to come up with better solutions. It helps you talk through all the reasons why something might or might not work which is a very helpful exercise for coming up with a perfect end-product that everyone feels confident about. I think what makes Megan and I so successful is, at the end of the day, we have the same taste in style and know exactly how we want our customer to feel when wearing our suits and clothes. This is key. 

It also helps when you and your best friend feel like mid-day dance parties are encouraged, and sometimes mandatory."

—Jaime Barker

Happy World Friendship Day, everyone. We're so thankful for all our friends across the globe, and that includes you. We hope you celebrate with your nearest and dearest friends, and share the Flagpole love!