A Flagpole Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!


It's finally here, the Fourth of July, one of our favorite holidays here at Flagpole. I sat down for a quick interview with Flagpole founders Megan Balch & Jaime Barker to uncover why they love this summertime holiday, and what makes it so special. (Interview conducted by Kyle, Flagpole Brand Director)



Meg, Jaime, thanks for sitting down to chat. I know its a busy time with the Fourth of July weekend coming up, but that’s what we want to talk about today. What are you two doing for the long weekend? 

M: This year I am super excited to be attending a wedding in the Hamptons. 

J: I am going to celebrate in Phoenicia, New York, the cutest little town just outside the city.

That’s sounds like a lot of fun! You're both from Florida originally, I assume you both have some pretty warm memories of the Fourth on the beaches of West Palm. What are some of your favorite fourth of July moments? 

M: West Palm Beach puts on an amazing firework show over the intercostal. Everyone goes down to the water and watches together once the sun goes down. 

J: All the of the restaurants stay open late that night, so after the fireworks it turns into one giant block party. 

A lot of people think that the magic of the Fourth of July wears off as you get older. Do you agree? Do you feel like there’s some sort of way to capture a little more of that childhood nostalgia in celebrating as an adult now? 

M: I actually think I appreciate it more now as an adult. Taking the time away from work to be with family and friends to cook out, swim, and play yards games feels more special to me now.

J: I agree, its great to spend a day not taking anything too seriously, and what better to end the night with fireworks! 



What do you think people can do to gain a little more fun not only over the 4th of July weekend, but over the whole summer!? 

M: Last year for the first time ever, I played 18 holes of golf. As a kid I always thought it would be boring, but I have been looking forward to playing again all year. 

J: This year its easy, watch the olympics! 

You both have put a lot of energy into crafting Flagpole into an ‘American’ company.  What does that mean in 2016? 

M: To us it's all in the construction. We strive to make beautifully tailored suits that fit and support women. 

J: It also means our color palette! We have always wanted to make red, white and blue suits and this year we finally went for it. 

Why is swimwear your vehicle of choice for this sense of national pride? 

M: Swim has always played an important role in our lives growing up so in some ways it feels like swimwear chose us. 

J: We also produce all of our garments in New York and the quality is amazing. We are proud to represent such beautifully American-made products.

Obviously not every season can be red white and blue… How do you see these American values playing out in future seasons?  

 M: As we grow and expand into other categories we are determined to keep as much of our production as possible in America. 

J: We also started a look book American Travel Journal initiative, where we are going to find beautiful spots around the country to highlight in our look books going forward. We just shot our first edition for our Cruise 2017 collection that we are super excited to share with everyone this November. 

In three words, what makes the perfect fourth of July weekend? 

M: Watermelon, Friends/Family, and Fireworks

J: Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks

Flagpole wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, from New York, to Hawaii. Explore the entire Red, White and Blue Summer 2016 Swim Collection, and be sure to share your flagpole holiday selfies and poolside shots with us on Instagram!